Welcome to P.A.S.S.


We are proud to announce our new

i-Care iPad Campaign!


Our i-Care campaign is a fundraising effort to put iPads in the hands of people with autism in Pike county, PA.

The world of Autism has changed significantly over the years.  Not only has the prevalence increased, so has the awareness, teaching methodologies, and technology.

The invention of the iPad has changed the lives of many of our children and families. Inventor Steve Jobs called the iPad a “magical device.”  For those of us who have seen or worked with individuals with autism on the iPad, we know, that it truly is magical.  The iPad, with its many applications, is allowing individuals to clearly express their wants and needs and engage in meaningful interactions.  The iPad is a fantastic tool for Autistic individuals, making learning and language more accessible.


Although the iPad significantly less expensive than a traditional augmentative communication devices, it is still a tremendous expense for many of our families.  As a result, our iCare campaign was born

PASS would like to thank the following people for their private donations:

Ann and Bill Montgomery, Jeanine Foy, Chip Beers, Michael Walker, and Hudson Valley Auctioneers.  Because of their generosity, PASS was able to purchase several iPads to donate at our Annual Autism Awareness Program and Candle Light Vigil this year.

PASS would also like to thank Principal Kim Butaitis, the staff of the Dingman Delaware Primary School, and all of the students at the Dingman’s campus for their very generous donations.  Their fundraising efforts will enable PASS to purchase several more iPads for deserving families.

If you would like to help us open the doors to communication to these special individuals. please consider donating –  any amount would be greatly appreciated.


PASS iCare Campaign 2